Optical Systems

In optics, an image-forming optical system is a system capable of being used for imaging. The diameter of the aperture of the main objective is a common criterion for comparison among optical systems, such as large telescopes. The two traditional systems are mirror-systems (catoptrics) and lens-systems (dioptrics), although in the late twentieth century, optical fiber was introduced. Catoptrics and dioptrics have a focal point, while optical fiber transfers an image from one plane to another without an optical focus. Isaac Newton is reported to have designed what he called a catadioptrical phantasmagoria, which can be interpreted to mean an elaborate structure of both mirrors and lenses.

  • Systems and Network Performances
  • Photonics in Computing Systems
  • Optical Cross-Connects
  • Photonic Packet Switching and Routers
  • Photonic Burst Switching Routers
  • Photonic Circuit Switching
  • Optical Time Domain Multiplexed Systems
  • Optical Multiple Access Systems (WDMA, TDMA, and CDMA)
  • Parallel Data Links and Space Division Multiplexing

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