Optical Sensor Technologies and Types

Optical sensors have significant applications crosswise over different segments, for example, business, resistance, medicinal gear, and innovative work. Expanding sending of optical sensors over the aforementioned portions is required to fuel the interest for optical frameworks at the worldwide level. There are different favorable circumstances of optical sensors for these applications including more prominent affectability, electrical lack of involvement, opportunity from electromagnetic obstruction, wide element range, both point and disseminated design, and multiplexing capacities. Inferable from these elements, the optical sensor business sector was considered by BCC Research to be a critical zone for study.

  • Importance and Role of Optical Fibers
  • Specialty Fibers for Sensors
  • Miscellaneous Sensors
  • Acoustic and Vibration Sensors
  • Displacement and Position Sensors
  • Rotation Sensors and Pressure Sensors
  • Electrical and Magnetic Sensors
  • Biomedical Sensors and Strain Sensors
  • Promising New Optical Sensor Technologies
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Chemical Sensors
  • Light Sources and Detectors
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Optical Sensors

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